The Promise of the Pawi

We believe that if a child connects to a single species in a single environment, it opens a window of respect for all life.  Children have a natural affinity for animals, and find pleasure in stories about them.  If these stories also extend their appreciation of important environmental issues, they set the stage for a more compassionate view of life in all its wonderful variety. It benefits us all.

The Guardian Life Wildlife Fund (GLWF) has been in existence since 1992 with a mandate to raise the consciousness of the environmental cause and mission among the people of Trinidad & Tobago - doing so with some measure of success, working primarily within communities. 

GLWF has embarked on one of our most ambitious programmes to date: saving the critically endangered Pawi or Trinidad Piping Guan which is endemic only to Trinidad.   A children’s book – illustrated by Leizelle KerryAnn Guinness and authored by Janice Hernandez, herself a former Trustee now living overseas – has been published so as to raise funds for a national campaign.   


The Promise of the

full colour on recycled paper; 24 pages, saddle-stitched. Available at TT$65
Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure

The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered.

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About The Book: The Promise of Pawi’ full colour on recycled paper; 24 pages, saddle-stitched.   Age Group: 4 – 11; Regional DDY Award winner in the categories of Design and Publication.
Normal Retail price: $65.00 Metropolitan Book Store, Colsort Mall, POS; Rainy Days, Ellerslie and the bookstore at Normandie Hotel
Make cheque payment to: Guardian Life Wildlife Fund