• Pride in Pawi
    When the Guardian Life Wildlife Fund(GLWF) was founded as an independent trust in 1992, its mandatewasto raise national consciousness about conservation and assist in the protection and preservation of any species of animal, bird, or fish - native to Trinidad & Tobago - in danger of becoming extinct.
  • Pride in Pawi : Author: Christopher Camacho
    Once a month, in a small conference room in downtown Port-of-Spain, a group of passionate, dedicated and hardworking individuals gather to share strong coffee and serious conversation. "So tell us," they turn to me with quizzical eyebrows, "How's it going?"
  • The Bellbird Newsletter - Sept 2011
    Click here to download the latest version of The Bellbird Newsletter by the ASA Wright Nature Centre
  • Celebrate World Environment Day - June 5th
    Here's a quick guide to celebrating the next WEB on 5 June, 2011, allowing you to join the growing global WEB community.
  • The global environment facility – small grants programme (gef sgp)
    For almost two decades, the Small Grants Programme has been working with communities around the world to combat the most critical environmental problems and has successfully demonstrated that supporting communities in their efforts to achieve more sustainable livelihoods is not only possible, but extremely important in bringing change and achieving global environmental benefits.
  • Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure
    The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered. The Pawi is being affected by degradation of its habitats through deforestation (including quarrying and the encroachment of the built environment), hunters and bush fires.
  • Pride in PAWI Takes Flight - Media Release
    Guardian Life Wildlife Fund launches campaign to save endangered avian
  • Pride in PAWI Project Overview
    The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids.  Its population of approximately 230 individuals is now thought to be confined to the north-eastern forests of Trinidad, but was historically widespread on the island.  Its conservation status is listed as critically endangered (CR) by the IUCN.
  • The PAWI Guardians
    The Guardian Life Wildlife Fund Trust has undertaken the preservation of the Trinidad Piping Guan, locally known as the Pawi.  Their numbers are dangerously low, reportedly less than 230 birds remain, due primarily to their loss of habitat and hunting.
  • GHL Awarded For Its Leadership in Sustaining the Environment
    The South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce (STCIC) has awarded Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL) its 2009 Leadership Award for “Sustaining the Environment: Making the Most of Green Opportunities Award”. The company was honoured for its Guardian Wildlife Fund initiative dedicated to saving the Pawi bird, as well as its nationwide “responsible waste management and collection” drive.
  • PAWI Campaign Concept
    In 1997/98 a thrust was made to educate people, especially communities of North-Eastern Trinidad to join the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture and RARE center for endangered species in 'saving the Pawi'. A lot of work went into creating activities and lectures to educate young children, as well as, media participation to inform adults. However, the Pawi initiative has become lost among other projects and ventures of less importance.
  • Pat Ruddell's address (October 29)
    Bishop Anstey High School is indeed blessed to have been chosen by Guardian Life to host this very significant event - the launch of a website and CD featuring the writings of Professor Kenny and very beautiful photographs of both Professor Kenny and Roger Neckles. I commend both to your attention as invaluable tools in educating our young people about our environment. And it is the topic of Environmental Education that I wish to address this evening.
  • Guardian newspapers (November 2002)
    Our wildlife's online home
    A PICTURE of brigth green sticky-looking bubbles -marine algae,not caviar -- filled the projector screen. The photo, taken by Prof Julian Kenny, was being shown at the re-launch of the Guargian Life Wildlife Fund's web site at the Bishop Anstey High School liberary on Tuesday. It was one of 33 pictures by Kenny on the site, there are others by Roger Neckles, as well as articles by Kenny taken from his news-paper column.
  • Newsday (november 2002)
    Guardian life re-launches Wildlife Fund website
    The relaunched Guardian life Wildlife Fund website is idea for nature lovers to experience local wildlife the TT way according to its website designer Brevard Nelson.
  • Recurrent user conflicts in fisheries
    By Professor Julian Kenny
    The print and electronic media have recently given sharp focus to deep seated problems in our local fisheries. This is as it should be, but sometimes emotions get in the way of facts, leading to distortions and calls for one or another course of political action. User conflicts are and have been the norm of exploitation of fish stocks for decades, as one type of technology or another group of fishermen apply additional pressure to a particular stock of the resource. Anyone following the international scene will no doubt have noted the conflicts on the Grand Banks of New Foundland, the Georges Bank, Iceland and the North Sea. The problem is related to the nature of the resource and nature of Man, the hunter predator species. The problem is simple and complicated at he same time.
  • Schools Environment Awareness Programme
    Most environmental degradation occurs as a result of ignorance. Because Man - and that means you and me - does not understand the value, structure and functioning of the environment and the extent of his impact upon it, human activities are quickly destroying our natural world.
  • Photos by professor Julian Kenny
  • Photos by Roger Neckles
  • Flooding and Rapid Deterioration of Our Country's Environment
    The Public of T&T must Wake up and Take Responsibility for Flooding and Rapid Deterioration of Our Country’s Environment.
  • Status and conservation of the critically endangered Trinidad piping-guan
  • Ecology and behaviour of the critically endangered Trinidad piping-guan
  • Trinidad Piping Guan Factsheet (external link)
  • Classification of Birds of South America (external link)
  • Post Forum Report - 1st Trinidad and Tobago Youth Forum on Climate Change


The Promise of the

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Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure

The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered.

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