Everyday the existence of our nation’s wildlife is threatened.
Where there’s life, there’s hope.

The Guardian Life Wildlife Fund, established in 1992, supports projects and institutions that preserve our endangered wildlife and natural, indigenous heritage.

The fund is managed by a group of dedicated trustees:

Together with you, we hope to protect our wildlife, including our Pawi, Manatee, Scarlet Ibis and Leather Back Turtles so our heritage is kept alive for our heritage is kept alive for the generation to come.

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The Promise of the

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Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure

The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered.

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All of us experience the pleasure of our wildlife heritage. From the luxuriance of the foliage on our drives through the hills to the birds that bring our gardens to life, our environment affects us daily, and will impact our children and theirs. Direct contributions of funds and other support are welcomed from people like you, the company you work for, and other nature conservation trusts, both locally and regionally. We also welcome your ideas for raising funds through corporate events which you may be planning. Please, join us in the fight to save our delicate and imperiled eco-system.

Tribute to Professor Julian S. Kenny

'There are some people you just think will live forever'. So said Janice Hernandez, a former Trustee of the Guardian Life Wildlife Fund, yet her words echoed in the hearts of all of us in the environmental movement in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

The Trustees of the Guardian Life Wildlife Fund, of which Professor Julian Kenny was Chairman from 2001 to 2005 and a Trustee from its very inception in 1992, wish to express their profound gratitude for his selfless giving for over six decades. His legacy on things environmental in Trinidad & Tobago is without match. His many writings and copious quality photos of natural flora, fauna and ecosystems, shared so generously, will continue to inspire young generations well into the future.

His was a life worth living indeed. Well done, good soldier, your good deeds and passion will be ever present with your kindred spirits.