The Guardian Life Wildlife Trust, in collaboration with ASA Wright Nature Centre and the Environmental Management Authority, has launched the first in a series of environmental posters aimed at raising national awareness of the beauty of natural flora and fauna.

These three attractively designed full colour posters feature Trinidad and Tobago’s uniquely beautiful wildflowers, orchids and “mini monsters”.

Posters are on sale at $25.00 each or $65.00 for a set of three. Click to view Posters

Profits from sales will be matched “dollar for dollar” by Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited and used to further the work of environmentalists in the field.

Interested retailers and individuals can contact Guardian Life’s Corporate Communications Department, 1 Guardian Drive, Westmoorings.
Tel: 632-5433 ext. 2226, 2221


The Promise of the

full colour on recycled paper; 24 pages, saddle-stitched. Available at TT$65
Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure

The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered.

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Wildflowers of Trinidad & Tobago
Nature's mini Monsters
Orchids of Trinidad & Tobago