The Pawi Guardians

The Guardian Life Wildlife Fund Trust has undertaken the preservation of the Trinidad Piping Guan, locally known as the Pawi.  Their numbers are dangerously low, reportedly less than 230 birds remain, due primarily to their loss of habitat and hunting.

Guardian Life Wildlife Fund initiated the “Pride in Pawi” project in a bid to protect and preserve this bird, whose genetic makeup is unique only to Trinidad.   Pawi Guardians were a natural outcome of Pride in Pawi.  GLWF’s Pawi Guardians or “Ambassadors” have an interest in the preservation of the Pawi through a high level of human intervention. 

Together with GLWF officials, authorized conservationists and other key persons, the Pawi “Ambassadors” are integral members of the team that will spearhead various “Pride in Pawi” activities.  In addition to participating in the awareness campaign, Ambassadors are advocates for the preservation of the bird among their hunting colleagues.

Who Can Be A PAWI Guardian

These “Ambassadors” act as spokespersons and stalwarts on behalf of the Pawi.  They are persons who were chosen from various communities as a result of their extensive knowledge about, dedication to, and sincere interest in the preservation of the Pawi. 

The Promise of the

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Pride In Pawi: Preserving a National Treasure

The Trinidad Piping Guan or Pawi, Pipile pipile, is endemic to Trinidad and is globally among the most endangered cracids. With a population of approximately 230, its conservation status is listed as critically endangered.

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In 2008, interested hunters, game wardens and conservationists were recruited as the first “Pawi Guardians” for the North Eastern areas of Trinidad. These groups have shown genuine concern for the conservation of the Pawi and are dedicated to preserving this critically endangered species.

PAWI Conservation Code

A Pawi Conservation Code of Conduct has been developed to define the roles and expectations of Pawi Guardians as well as provide a guideline of standards and procedures to be followed in the execution of the “Pride in Pawi” project.

How You Can Help

The Guardian Life Wildlife Fund’s aim is to educate the entire country through a comprehensive national campaign. The campaign is geared towards awareness and preservation of the Pawi, by way of community workshops and activities for both primary and secondary school students as well as the wider community.

This species is in trouble due to overhunting and degradation of its habitats, and it is virtually important that we protect the birds in the wild so that they can begin to recover.  This can be done with the involvement of community groups that border the remaining habitats in the eastern part of the Northern Range.

You can help to make a positive difference in the future of the Pawi by increasing awareness of others on the plight of the Pawi or even by becoming a Pawi Guardian.